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Spiritual Psychology

To look at how spirituality affects human nature is fascinating. It has become more and more difficult for me to separate spirituality from psychology. “The sacred marriage of psychology and spirituality encourages us to experience healing across a wider spectrum and deeper range than that afforded by either discipline alone” (Mijares, p.9). Blending psychology and spirituality then allows us to do this transformational inner work to help the psyche and ego find a healthier space to co-exist within the individual.

From the spiritual perspective, however, I like to start by bringing attention back to some faint memories of where we truly came from—and will return to—upon completion of this life assignment. Remembering where we came from and tuning into the "yes" that was given to each one of us from the Divine One, before we entered the birth canal, can be an invigorating awareness that connects us back to self-worth and ultimate purpose.

After we have grounded in this worthiness we may be ready to heal some of the Earthly psychological wounds we have collected, thus far, on our path. “When psychology focuses exclusively on symptoms and problems, it fails to include the numerous healing methodologies based upon ancient spiritual teachings” (Mijares, p.4).

The deeper truth of spirituality begins to emerge once one has done the inner work to heal and release old memories, forgiven the lingering past, resolved stale issues, and cleaned and cleared the subconscious. “Our psychospiritual work includes listening to, learning from, and healing our wounded, unresolved, and incomplete feelings” (Mijares, p.9).

The blend of spiritual teachings and psychological technologies, therefore, creates the space for an open and available soul to re-align with a healthier and stable space within. This is where the soul begins to open and receive all that is already present, “Whereas Psychology is a science that addresses mental, emotional, somatic, and relational dynamics, spirituality illuminates the inherent mystery of life itself” (Mijares, p.2). This mystery, therefore, can help us enter the space of self-improvement, self-development, and self-growth, moving us beyond former limits and resulting in the integration of spirituality and psychology.


1. Mijares, S. B. (Ed.). (2003). Modern psychology and ancient wisdom: Psychological healing practices from the world’s religious traditions. New York: The Haworth Integrative Healing Press. n able to avoid in the past. But this light is revealing to us what we are ready to recognize and release.

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