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The Labyrinth of Awakening

As a collective, I believe we are waking up, and the symbol that came to me was how we (planet Earth) are walking through a labyrinth.

As you approach a labyrinth, it’s like your life comes to a screeching halt. You take your first step and begin to feel everything you have been pushing down. (Quarantining)

Your dominant emotions come rushing to the surface, and everything not in alignment with your truth stares you right in the face. (Social distancing)

But the labyrinth holds this sacred key that unlocks something. All of the sudden, your inner space is clear enough that you begin to turn all that is stirring within, into questions. (Consciousness practices.)

You take another step, and clarity begins to rise up. (The hidden opportunity here.)

As You continue making your way to the center of the labyrinth, blocks begins to clear, and new answers begin to surface. (AWAKENINGS)

As you take your final step, it’s as if you’ve made it to the center of your being and the truth to your answers come alive within you. (5D consciousness AWAKENS.)

This is what I believe we are going through as a collective.

We have been called to the labyrinth of our heart. Beginning with quarantining at home, our lives came to a halt and we entered the labyrinth. As the months passed by, our distractions and patterns were stripped away from our life and we began to see our inner issues rise to the surface.

For some, much of this was resolved last year, for others much of this will be surfacing tremendously over the next couple months.

At this point in time, it’s helpful to see where you are in your symbolic labyrinth of life.

The energy coming into the planet now is going to shake many awake. And if we can know deep in our hearts that we are collectively awakening, it can make the process more manageable.

We have a choice.

We can trust that every trial is to help you make it back to the center of your being. And in order to AWAKEN we must strip away all false senses of self.

This is messy.

This is uncomfortable.

But it is time that we let go of it.

The opportunity lays before you to step into the truth of who you really are!

How exciting is that?

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