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Awaken Life Coaching West Palm Beach
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We believe you are whole. You may be bruised and sore from what you have been through up to this point, but the beautiful part is that it can all be healed. We will show you where you are holding onto false beliefs and how to heal them. It's time you step out of your old story and AWAKEN Your Soul's Magic!

Sophie Frabotta



We use a hybrid approach of healing and creation to help you thrive in your life!  Often what happens, is on the way to one of our goals, we may get lost because of the internal wounds that need to be healed.


At Awaken, we address these wounds and bring healing to those deeper spaces. Once that energy has released, we then refocus on moving forward + refilling those spaces with what you truly desire to create.   


Imagine your world several months from now - feeling more energized, more powerful, happier, more joyful, with a sense of freedom to be who you really are. This can become your reality.  Often, people have a dream in their heart and a vision in their mind, but have no clue how to bring those together in reality. This is where our transformational approach to Life Coaching comes in, we help you to transform your limitations, gain clarity on your situation, release blocks and old energetic patterns, so you can access your true self and highest potential!

In The City


All of our coaches have gone through extensive training with Sophie. Digging through their own wounds, looked at their shadows and found the light within.  This transformation process alongside a powerful coaching structure is what makes them ready to help you with your transformation.

This healing process can be messy, it is rarely linear, and others cannot heal these spaces for you, even if they created them. It is up to you to do the inner work. Therefore, having a guide show you the way through this inner jungle can be priceless. 

Sophie Frabotta


I am the founder of Awaken Collective and offer Spiritual Healing Experiences to all levels who are quickly awakening. I show you how to heal the spaces that are blocking your wholeness + guide you to heal on the deepest level to help you release limited beliefs and rewrite the truth into your cellular memory, rippling backwards and forwards through your entire soul blueprint.

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I am eager to help you live the life of your dreams! I am standing proof that you can lead a worry-free life once you truly learn to trust your divine life plan. I will show you through meditation, mindset, and other spiritual techniques how to walk with gratitude each day, lead with love from your heart, and find true inner peace.


I specialize in guiding empty nesters to sense and uncover the deep desires of your heart, the dreams you have for your future, and the healing you need to experience to manifest your dreams and desires. I take you on a journey going deeply within to find what your heart truly desires and then set a course to dissolve blockages, remove obstacles, and heal the painful situations that have kept you stuck. 



I am a heart-led woman who is passionate about helping women on their awakening path find freedom from their wounds and limiting beliefs. I teach and guide individuals to break free from whatever lies are keeping them stuck, and raise their vibration. I serve others with no bounds and can guide you to the light you hold within yourself!



I believe that transforming the mind and heart you will bring your divine purpose into alignment.  I work with Men + Women to help them create a life of authenticity. Through my coaching and spiritual journey, I am passionate about sharing my love and honor with the world.  I show my clients how to do the work from the inside out, and the results always amaze me.


Your personal power, success, and expansive joy are in your own hands. YOU have the choice to do whatever you want with your life.  What an incredible gift you hold!  Once you take ownership of your life, together we direct your energy towards making decisions that give your life positive energy and desired outcomes. No matter what the situation, you have the choice and power to build your life into what you desire. It is time!  


Hey You,


Our team has all trained under Sophie, the founder of Awaken, in her 5 month intensive Spiritual Life Coaching Certification where Sophie teaches her process called The 4 R's Method. This is a revolutionary process that takes you from wounded to free, and has transformed the lives of thousands.


Sheri and Jon have both undergone their own breakthrough transformations.  They both can admit to coming to a cross roads in their life and took a deeper look and knew they needed to make a change.


Feeling stuck, alone, and misunderstood, they both decided to take the courageous step, and asked for help, and that help (while it looked different) ended up changing their lives.

As they climbed through their own inner turmoil they discovered their love for spirituality and began to deeply understand the transmutation of bringing light into the darkness.


At AWAKEN, we stand here today to share that you can use your wounds as the road map to find your own freedom. 


This path is not about perfection, its about learning to effectively go after your desires with action + how to make the best of what comes your way. 


To us at Awaken, life is about being your true self and having the courage to share that with the world. We are highly motivated to help you get into alignment with who you really are, so we can co-create the life you are seeking to experience!

Thanks for reading, 

Awaken Team



Often what brings you in the door, is not your deepest issue.  So we dig and RECOGNIZE the real issue that needs to be addressed.

We then move through this issues and teach you a variety of techniques to RELEASE all of the past energy, memories, emotions, and fears through different healing modalities.

Once we have released this stale energy, we move you into REPROGRAMMING. This is where we rebuild the space that has been cleaned out with your new intentions and build a powerful strategy to bring your desires into your life, relationships, health and career!

In the final stage, you begin to RADIATE!  Walking through your life with empowering thoughts, feeling good,  invigorated confidence, and revitalized energy! Your life will RADIATE a joy so profound that your highest potential becomes your reality!  




Everyone on our team has undergone a major transformation. We all live this work.  We are by no means "there" or "perfect", but we implement and practice all the things we will coach you to do. Some things may rock your world and take time + patience to process, other things may not. We teach you to be the master of your own journey and just help you travel through your inner self to find your truth inside.

This healing process can be messy, it is rarely linear, and others cannot heal these spaces for you, even if they created them. It is up to you to do the inner work. Therefore, having a guide show you the way 

through this inner tangle can be priceless. 


Looking at Art
Image by NeONBRAND
Divine Healing


We will show you how to:

✨ Discover the chaotic or disruptive energy inside that still needs to heal and calm down


✨ Explore the patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving you 


✨ Build a spiritual practice that will change your energy on a daily basis


✨ Help you create the life you want to live

Waiting for the Train


We will help you find the gunk that is blocking your light, guiding you into spaces that will help you address your past mental and emotional programs, toxic energetic data, and false beliefs that are still lingering in your system and causing you present day pain.

​ ✔️ Energy Boost: you will begin to gain more energy, better responses, and clearer thinking.


​✔️ Self-Growth: Your self-love, self-acceptance, will begin to open in ways you never thought was possible. 


​✔️ Mindset Shift: you will have a mindset shift where you begin to really understand that things don’t happen to you, they happen FOR you.


​✔️ Healing: you will learn ways to really forgive your past, present and future. This allows for immense transformation + healing to take place.


✔️ Freedom: A new inner freedom will be unlocked where you truly believe that you can heal whatever comes your way, because you now have the insight and tools to face your life in a positive way. 



We can change your life. We have been called to serve you and we just want you to know, that there is something inside of us, that can change your life. AND, your world can transform in a way you never knew was possible. You are just like us, WE know you, we understand you, and we can help you! 



Hey You,



I invite you to say YES to this journey.  We are so passionate about helping you AWAKEN that we are now offering a FREE 1-Hour session on the phone. This will give you a great taste of the work we do and how we can truly help you. 


 It is completely FREE and you can choose who you want to work with below.  

In this call we will go over what you want to change in your life!   If you are feeling the nudge, go for it. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain! I invite you to fill out the form below and you will be redirected to book your session for this week! 

So excited to speak with you!

Awaken Team

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Book Your Call

We are so excited to learn a little more about you. Before we hop on the phone, please tell us a little about what you are looking to work on.  Remember, this is not therapy, this is a transformational opportunity and if you become a client, your life will begin to change.

See What Others are Saying...


"Awaken is client-centered, empathetic, and encourages positive change in a safe atmosphere. I felt like they were focused on the heart and soul of the client, never wasted time, and got to the “root” of every problem." -Savannah


"Awaken helped me dive deeper into what I had discovered in therapy, but didn’t know what to do with. I received many different tools that I still refer back to. They are amazing at what they do and I highly encourage you to allow them to help you on your journey!"  -Alyssa


"Awaken changed my life. My experience was so positive and now have a strategic plan for my future and feel inspired to move forward."  -Jonathan

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