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Transforming Insecurities

What if I told you that anything that you are struggling with, right now, is in its perfect place! That you are right where you need to be and the challenges that are surfacing are here for you to face and finally release? If you are feeling insecure, triggered / annoyed by other people, or find yourself stuck in your self-loathing thoughts... you are not alone, but I believe these are the challenges that are ready to be transformed!

Right now we are in such a great time of transformation, as there is a lot of light shining into our dark inner spaces that we may have been able to avoid in the past. But this light is revealing to us what we are ready to recognize and release.

RECOGNIZE the Real Issue

I encourage you to look at what is coming up within you as a part of your higher purpose helping you cleanse energy out of your system that you no longer need. Whether it is the millionth time you have seen this issue arise, or maybe the first, I encourage you to identify the problem in seven words or less. This will help you RECOGNIZE what is driving you bananas! After you have found the problem, then remind yourself that "this issue is surfacing for my final review so that I can eternally release it and move forward."

RELEASE the Stale Energy

The next step is to take this problem you have just recognized and remember you always have a choice in how to respond. This is one of the only real things we have control over, our response. You do not need to chose a response that makes you feel bad and keeps you stuck in your challenges. If you find that you tend to choose responses that leave you feeling discouraged, exhausted, or stressed out, it's ok, just gently remember that you can use your mind in a more constructive way.

Let's take insecurity, for instance, as the problem that has surfaced. Instead of just focusing on the insecurity you may be feeling and playing it over and over in your head, simply notice it. Do not fight it or try to change it, just bravely look at it in its face and say, "oh hello there insecurity, I see you have joined me." The next step is to sit with the insecurity (or whatever you are experiencing) for 90 seconds, as this is how long it takes an e-motion (energy-in-motion) to move through our entire being (as long as you are in allowance and not fighting or forcing the energy in motion). As you sit with the insecurity in a calm space, you can then begin to let it go. This is not a forced action, but rather a RELEASE, a dance with surrender and trust. Let whatever energy is inside of you come up to the surface and then RELEASE it back into the universe.

RADIATE your Truth

Now you can begin the creative process. Next, ask yourself what knowledge you may be missing in place of the insecurity? Or what lies have you believed that have kept you stuck in this weak vibration? The answers to these questions will then direct you to action. This is when you can begin to study, educate yourself, and give yourself what you truly need in place of the insecurity.

After you have cleaned out the cluttered garden of your mind and heart that were filled with anxious and insecure weeds, you can then focus on your true desires. As you get in touch with these deep inner desires, you are then ready plant new seeds. This is a great place to use affirmative statements that help your brain look in the direction you want to go. As you recite these new thought patterns, your mood will begin to shift and this is when you will begin to RADIATE a more healthy, honest, vibrant, YOU!


Review to Release Exercise

Here is an example: A man is insecure about his success and his place in the world. Everywhere he goes he seems to run into people doing better than him. He notices their outward success, and then sinks into a place of self-ridicule and attack.

The Real Issue: He has insecurities about his own ability to create his true desires because he is not in touch with them. Therefore, he sees other's accomplishments as proof of his inability, and his cycle of personal demise continues.

The Inner Work: Here is a 5 minute Exercise to move through this insecurity.

  • Identify the problem using this formula:

  • I feel (emotion)

  • when (behavior or action) and

  • what I need is (fill in the blank with an action that's in your power).

  • ex) I feel insecure when I see others being promoted and what I need is to have more confidence and believe in myself.

  • Now that we can see what he needs, we move forward.

  • Next, write empowering affirmations to re-direct the brain

  • "I am ready to activate my inner confidence."

  • "I begin to see and notice all that I HAVE."

  • "I am ready to believe in my abilities."

  • "I begin to notice all the ways I am great."

  • "I bring action to my ideas."

  • Say affirmations in place of repeating defeating thoughts and watch what the brain begins to notice!

This process will help you access your true voice and begin to move you towards your radiance!

If you need help doing this type of inner transformation work, please call us to schedule an individual Life Coaching session with Sophie, and see how you can begin to live your most RADIANT life!

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