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What are you TRULY looking for?

Think about this: “What you are looking for, is what is looking."

What does this mean to you? Spend a moment and contemplate this idea.

Are you looking for a loving relationship, more money, better health, a more satisfying job, etc.?

St. Francis of Assisi said it the best as he described that the thing that most of us are truly seeking, is connecting to our deep authentic meaning and remembering the wholeness that we came from. Our human brain leads us to think that the outer things; money, relationships, health are the means to experience this inner harmony, but that idea comes from our false self.

We have an extraordinary opportunity, in this life, to get in touch with an inner substantial essence that already is here and exists within us right now.

The easiest way to break this down, is to identify what it is you are looking for. Go into your mind and soul and look for the item that is connected to the statement, "everything would be so much better if I just had this one thing or this was different."

Next, in seven words or less, describe what you think this thing will bring into your life. Ask yourself what feeling is associated with this “thing.” For example, if you want or need more money, look deeper into what you are truly seeking. If the feeling is financial security or inner peace, you are now in touch with a deeper level of what you think money will activate within. While this may have a temporary truth to it, it will not last. Remember that new car smell - it fades!

You may think that money brings security, but the truth is money brings more options, maybe some nice things, a little more flexibility, but ultimately, has nothing to do with true inner security. If you want lasting security, embrace yourself in something that is eternal, and can never cease to exist. Now that is security!

This does not mean that you have to stop seeking financial abundance, as prosperity is a wonderful experience. But remember, experience is temporary. If you want true security, invest your energy in the truth!

This week, I encourage you to look deeper into your desires. Find out what it is you are really longing for and then remember it is already within, waiting to be activated!

If you need some assistance to break down your desires and discover what you are really looking for, schedule your free 30 minute phone session today!

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