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Honoring the Earth

Happy Earth Day!

A good life begins with the understanding that we are all connected. Just as our bodies have different parts, but come together to function as an extraordinary whole, so does the collective effort of what we are all doing together here on Earth.

A happy and healthy life can begin with blending a meditative practice and simultaneously connecting to Earth. The mediative experience or practice allows one to go beyond the limitations of the body or the self, and then opens one up to rejoice in the power and energy that flows in and through us. Grounding to the Earth, then brings that awareness back to gratitude for our planet and home. This helps us re-establish a sense of being grounded, present, and aware of the divine energy that flows through us. This practice creates a space of connected balance and abundance in our field of awareness.

This abundance in our field of awareness then leads us to becoming self-actualized where talents, capabilities, creativity, and gifts held as potential begin to emerge. Once these wonderful inner energies surface to the conscious mind, the self-actualized being can then turn these energies into action and the wonderful cycle of trust, exploration, execution and emergence begins and repeats itself.

I affirm on this wonderful Earth day and celebration of our Planet, that we collectively show gratitude for all Earth is and continues to be! Meanwhile, we focus on becoming and bringing our most healthy and wonderful expression of ourselves to this planet. With the deepest respect, I bow to you Mother Earth!

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