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Attracting Extraordinary Things

Everything that you want and desire in your life has a meaning. No matter how big or small, or silly or serious it is, this desire has come into your consciousness for a reason. I believe all our personal desires are inclinations and little whispers from God to assist us on our life journeys here on Earth.

Begin to pay attention to your mind frame and notice what you think about, dwell on, dream of. Tune in to how you spend your mental energy and then follow these five tips to begin to adjust your attitude, and watch how your world will transform.

1. Understand, I become what I believe. For example, “I don't have enough money”, sends poison down through the system and the instructions are clear, “only notice everything that goes wrong with money.” However, when you transform this thought into, “I always have enough, and will continue to have enough", the mind unlocks everything in the command center to make this happen. The mind begins say, “Do you hear that, it’s time for abundance!” You then begin to notice prosperity.

2. Focus on what you WANT. When you focus on what you want over what you don’t want, your conscious mind begins to notice those very things. For example, have you ever bought a specific car and then noticed that car everywhere you go? Well, was there a huge shipment of that specific car in your area? Probably not. What changed was your perspective and what you are NOW noticing. When you focus your attention on what you want, you will begin to notice that everywhere you go.

3. Act, dress, speak, talk, and walk, as if it has already happened. Think about what you truly desire for your life. Write it down, journal about how your life would look and feel with these desires manifesting. Next, focus (with your minds eye- eyes closed) on that feeling. See it, beleive it can happen for you, marinate yourself in it. This will take some work and commitment, but the reward makes it all worth it.

4. Use Positive Affirmations. Thinking is like driving and your current road map (thoughts) may have you in some bad neighborhoods. The use of affirmations is like paving new roads in your mind and helps your brain understand where you want to go. For example, “Every day I discover new ways to improve my life.” “Great money-generating ideas come to my attention every day.” Say these affirmations with repetition and watch what begins to manifest.

5. Believe it and then you will see it. “Build it and they will come.” Remember that line? That is what this is all about; believing it will happen before you see any results. Faith is the step before you see it. Once you see it there is no more need for the belief (becasue it has now manifested and is in reality). So believe in what you want, feel it with intention, and know that when the time is right it will show up!

Allow your desires to come to the surface, plant these desires in your mind, water them with affirmations, and believe in yourself. Let your desires take root through practicing faith. Remember, you have the power to create a beautiful reality! When your attitude is in line with your positive beliefs you can begin to manifest your dreams!

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