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Selfish vs. Self-First

Self-awareness is a language that not everyone knows how to speak. For instance, if you are on the journey of self-development and personal growth, you begin to awaken to who you really are, and your needs and desires simply become more clear. At first, you may feel selfish for communicating those needs and fear that others will think you are selfish.

But let's take a closer look. Selfishness is described as not knowing your needs. Therefore, you must take and steal energy from others. This is a powerless stance.

On the Self-actualized path, Self-First-Ness is described as "I know what I need and I speak up for those needs." This is a place of empowerment. Not everyone in your current circle will understand your evolution and development, but it is important that you stand true in who you are! Understand that the better you get to know yourself, the more alignment you will have in your life. The more alignment you have leads to more synchronicity, which leads to more inner peace and bliss!

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