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Letting Go of Criticism & Judgment

As you move through this life journey you are on, many blocks and limitations within are being released, acknowledged, and set free.

Allow the negative vibrations to rise to the surface and then release them into the air, like helium

balloons that float up over your head and out into space.

The vibrations are nothing more than past balloons trying to escape your grasp.

Give them no mind, no attention, and let them float up and out and be done with them.

Then allow the peace of Love to fill you with yet another vibration – one that will help to make you feel better and lead to more love and happiness.

Your natural state is one of love and happiness – so return to that.

Allow your natural state to have freedom of expression in all that you do.

Let the balloons go – let them float away – they have no power over you, only the power you give them.

Turn instead to your natural state of love and happiness, and dwell there.

There you will find your home.


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