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High Vibin' Client of the Month: AUGUST 2015

I had the pleasure of working with an amazingly energized, and straight-up inspirational wonder woman! Linda hired me to bring clarity to her professional desires + access a deeper connection to her truest self! We met up at a yoga class and grabbed an organic snack to catch up!

A year later, she is a shining Sivananda yoga teacher, instructs paddle board yoga on the water, opened her innovative health and wellness coaching practice, and is continuing her education at Natural Gourmet Institute to round out her passion for health and wellness.

This woman is an inspiration!

The best part is that she knows all her outer success is a reflection of the inner work we did together, and all she continues to do on her own!

I am so honored to be able to spend the day seeing people's truest self blossom!

If you want to re-activate you inner radiance, use the contact page to set up your free 30 minute session to learn how we can start your transformation!

Check Linda out:

*Client Confidentiality: any client highlighted has given us their written consent and full permission to use their name, story, and picture.

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