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Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Help, I’m exhausted by being around people, what is going on?

The simplest way to know what is going here is to look at introversion and extroversion personality types and ask yourself the following question: “Do I get energized by being with myself or by being with people?” If you are energized by being with yourself and having alone time, you are probably an introvert. If, however, you get energized from being with people you are probably an extrovert. Not that every person is going to energize you or you will always love being alone, but rather more of a general gage to see where you may fall. It is so important to know your introvert/ extrovert status because it can affect your perception of how you view the world and your life. If you are unaware of your introverted tendency and are always around people, you may find yourself completely exhausted and drained of all energy. If you know this however, you can schedule in some alone time to recharge. Or if you are an extrovert who works from home and doesn’t get out much, you may begin to feel bored and shut down. The awareness of this can show you have a need to maybe schedule one outside meeting a day to fill up and re-charge by being around other people. Once you are aware of your tendency you can plan and schedule accordingly to some of your inner needs that could make your day and life more energized and run more smoothly!

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