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Giving from the Heart

by Sophie Skover

In a meditation this week I found myself asking God, Universe, and Spirit how to continue to give and not get drained. The answer that came to me was so simple, yet so illuminating. I heard the words: “give from your heart, not your gut.” After contemplating this, I realized when I give from my gut, my sense of self power feels weakened and depleted.

The gut sits in the third chakra which represents self-confidence, self-respect, self-certainty, making decisions, and competitiveness. The heart is in the fourth chakra which represents higher consciousness, unconditional love, self-acceptance, personal values and following one's unique direction in life. The heart chakra acts as the balance point and manages our relationships and how we interact with other people.

What I have come to understand about the heart, is that when it is open, life force energy effortlessly flows into this space. Life force energy is one of the purest energies. You can recognize this energy through life experiences you may have had. For example, have you ever felt energized after seeing an old friend, felt inspired after meeting a new person or thinking of a new idea, or felt rejuvenated after being in nature? These feelings do not come from having a good night sleep before you had met your friend; or having had a nourishing breakfast before you were in nature. These energies come from a spiritual source that completely fills up your heart and soul.

If I tell you to think of a butterfly, the image probably comes to your mind rather easily, and your consciousness or mind’s eye sees a butterfly. No one can teach you how to think of a butterfly, it is an organic ability that humans have. The same is true for your consciousness, so the goal is to open your heart. Right now, tune into your heart and relax the space around your heart, and see it opening like a book or lotus flower, that is it. It may tingle, burn, or you may even feel nothing. Focus on opening it, and committing to keeping it open on a daily basis.

With this being said, it now makes sense to me as to why I was getting depleted, because I was giving from my gut, or my sense of self. When I shifted my consciousness and mind’s eye, however, up into my heart and gave out energy, wisdom, and love from that space, I was immediately refilled with life force energy. If you set your intention to give from the space of the heart, your attention will follow and you will be filled with the purest energy!

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