Certified Spiritual Life Coach


I am Sheri Bentley, an energy healer and a powerful guide to help you with your spiritual awakening and show you how to come home to yourself, reclaim your true magical energy, and live a spirit-driven life. I believe healing opens our hearts allowing us to see the beauty in ourselves, others, and our world. Healing realigns us with our soul, which opens us to the beauty of being alive.Four years ago, I began a healing journey culminating with a mystical sabbatical in Ireland. Today, I authentically live a heart-centered life more magical than I could ever imagine. My inner world is peaceful, my heart overflows with love and beauty surrounds me. Peace, beauty, and love are within each of us waiting to abundantly flow into our world. My mission is to guide you to discover the miracle within your inner-most self so you may live your truth and create a life you love.

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Certified Spiritual Life Coach + Energy Healer

Reboot your life, get back in alignment, or move out stale energy holding you back."

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