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Certified Spiritual Life Coach


Jon Galui is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach that has undergone his own breakthrough transformation.  His journey started when he looked at himself, realized he was broken, and needed to make a change.  Feeling stuck, alone and misunderstood he took the courageous step of asking for help.

His journey started by going back to church and hiring a life coach himself.  Faced with multiple issues from PTSD as a police officer, divorce, and anger; Jon’s transformation began.  He experienced many challenges along the way that he was able to bring from darkness into light.  He is now sharing these gifts with his clients. 

Jon believes that in transforming the mind and heart you bring into alignment your divine purpose.  Living a life of authenticity opens you to a world of infinite possibilities.  Through coaching and his continued spiritual growth journey, Jon’s shares his love and honor with the world.  One of Jon's favorite quotes is "Work from the inside out.  Blessing don't come to you, they flow through you." Inky Johnson



1 Session

If you currently encountered some resistance or barriers and need some guidance, let's dive in to open a new door for infinite opportunities.

Package Total: $222

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