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Certified Spiritual Life Coach

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Hi! I’m Becky! I’m a certified Mindset & Spiritual Life Coach ready and eager to help you live the life of your dreams! I am happily married, have 3 teenage children, and 2 dogs. I love being outdoors and taking walks in nature. I find it to be very calming and healing. I am a big advocate of self-love and self-care and that is a big part of my coaching along with shifting mindset to positive thinking.

What opened my eyes to my soul’s purpose was a special angel message that came from my Grandfather in Heaven. He told me I have important work to do. After some soul searching I landed on my passion to help women, moms, and teens create the life of their dreams and heal any trauma they may have endured.

Before this, spiritual intervention, I used to worry about things all the time. But I am standing proof that you can lead a worry-free life once you truly learn to trust your divine life plan and the life plan of the ones you love.
I will show you through meditation, mindset, and other spiritual techniques that you can become the best version of yourself. I will guide you to walk with gratitude each day, lead with love from your heart, and find true inner peace.


Your light is already in you and I will help you to find it. Tell your family and friends to get their shades out cause you will be glowing!


In Person SessionV

1 Session

A sit down at the park or a get together at a cozy coffee shop, let’s dive into how to make sure your day to day living is the best it can be.  I’ll teach you techniques you can use to handle them with ease and grace. I’ll send you loving energy and we will set you up for success for your mind, body, & spirit!

Session: $ 125

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