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Water Has Memory

In Frozen 2, Olaf (the snowman) brings up an interesting thought. “Water has memory.” And while I fact checked this and the law of physics and molecular biology agree this is not true... You guys know I will take faith over science any day.

If water is energy- and energy is not lost nor destroyed- but transferred from one party to another- than substances that have previously dissolved in it, may still be present energetically- right?

Olaf says: “water that passes through you and me has passed through at least 4 other humans and or animals.” Think about that.

Then he goes on to say that this water also carries memories within it. This is where science disagrees.

But get this... about four years ago, I began to feel the emotions from chicken that I was eating. (Yes I eat meat, more on that in my story today.) So if I can feel the emotions of animals trapped in packaged meat- Why wouldn’t I be able to feel the memory/ energy of others who this water has passed through?

I will side with Olaf on this one.

Water, the great neutralizer, may be "considered a non-living entity, without any neural tissue,” but if all water does is move through us - than why would it not contain strains of energy from where it just was?

Now I’d imagine this is super subtle energy and only those tapped into and trained to use their spiritual gifts and sensitivities might have access to this level of perception.

But such an interesting concept.

What do you think... does water carry the energetic memory of others that it has passed through?

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