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Self- Love is Medicine

This is the best medicine you can take! Deep down, so many people are struggling against life, fighting what is, and practicing self-rejection instead of self-acceptance. This subconscious choice leads to an inner turmoil that can show up as toxic relationships, addictions, energy leaks, and so on.

Self-love is the holistic remedy that can begin to heal these problems. It can help you become aware of your own rejection and turn it into acceptance, making it easier to love those around you. It can help you become aware of the temptation deceiving you into a space that will ultimately shut you down, and it can help your energy to stop being leaked out in places you have been unaware of.

Here are 10 tips that you can begin to work with to get your inner medicine of self-love flowing!

1. Begin your day with gratitude – not technology. Right when you wake up, take a minute to first express gratitude. This will start your day on a positive note, and you can set an intention for your day with a grateful heart.

2. Become your best friend. Talk to yourself the way you would your very best friend. At first you may notice that you inner conversation is not so nice. Begin to use positive affirmations or reprogrammings to encourage yourself throughout the day. You’re listening to what you’re telling yourself, so be kind!

3. Enjoy what lights you up. Follow what feels good! Fill your heart by connecting to your interests and passions.

4. Stop comparing yourself. Comparison (as some say) is the thief of joy. And comparison grows on the tree of self-doubt, not self-love. Focus on your personal journey and the growth of self-love will follow.

5. Forgive yourself. You are going to mess up, I am going to mess up, and guess what, it is ok! As you forgive yourself, your heart will open and you will experience acceptance and self-love. Check out this approach to learn how to use Ho'Oponopono as a forgiveness practice.

6. Celebrate yourself. Find your inner cheerleader and praise yourself! Self-recognition is part of self-love.

7. Go inward. Turn off the noise and learn to connect to yourself on your inner domain. Whether it is yoga, meditation, journaling (or all of the above), turn off the distractions and find some quiet time to visit with yourself.

8. Dedicate time to loving yourself. Find a mantra or a practice that makes you feel heard and recognized by YOU. Self-love is a practice, and one that needs to be practiced every day. It also takes time, so remember to be patient with yourself throughout the process!

9. Surround yourself with supportive, positive people. Become aware of how you feel around others, and try to eliminate the negative people who can zap your energy and bring you down. Look for those who lift you up, who you feel better around and spend time with them!

10. Follow your intuition. Your gut instinct or intuition is always whispering inside of you. It doesn't nag, or yell, it just gently directs you. This is why we need to create less noise so we can hear this inner voice. Tune in and listen to what it has to say.

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