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Become Time Affluent

Imagine feeling like you...

  • never had to rush again

  • always had enough time to get every single thing accomplished in your day

  • you had this vast space in your schedule and mind to get it all done, with room left to do the things that really fill you up, and more room after that!

Imagine this plentiful feeling! Can you feel into that.

It's Time Affluence ya'll!

And this, my friends, is the next level to wealth.

When I talk about affluence, wealth, prosperity and abundance; I am always referring to your whole life. And while money is a factor, it is just a piece. Without being fluid in other areas, true affluence will not flow.

Your money, time, relationships, spiritual alignment, mental clarity, physical health, and emotional understanding are some categories that make up your life.

When there is an over focus on any area and we get out of balance, we typically enter a state of lack. And lack feels tight, restricted, and overwhelming. Been there? Whoa me too...

So many people (who even have financial wealth) live in the vibrational frequency of lack and wonder how they can feel better.

Here are 3 Tips to get into a better relationship with Time!

1️⃣ Clock Accuracy.

Stop Messing with the time. Setting your clock 5 minutes fast will backfire overtime, and actually will make you late. Instead, start respecting time and honor where the time really is.

2️⃣ Stop Rushing.

Rush is a vibration and it will not stop when you finished that "thing". Instead, enter into the state of plentitude. Remember a time when you got all the things done and felt that accomplishment. If you cannot find a time, start practicing an accomplishment practice after you finish things. If you don't finish things... eesshhh let's talk! LOL

3️⃣ Invest in Positivity.

Set aside a 5 -30 minute time slot in your morning where you can download positivity into yourself. This could be a meditation, journal expression, reciting affirmations, reading, etc. Just start investing in you and watch how your life lightens!

4️⃣ Intentional Zone Out.

Everyone needs a good zone out time to let the steam out, or relax for a bit. Instead of just scrolling on your phone, watching TV, or however you unwind, be intentional. Set a timer for scrolling, commit to watch 1 show and then do something else, and stick to what you say.

These tips can help you create a little more intentional space in your day. Taking your time affluence to the next level and seeing all these categories is what makes you truly affluent, which can be super freeing.

So cheers to all those who are living it up and feel so Time Affluent!

If you need some extra support in your relationship with time, money, relationships, health, mental and emotional wellbeing, I'm your Girl. Email Sophie and we can chat about how we can take you to the next level!

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