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12 Signs You're Having a Spiritual Awakening

When it comes to waking up, everyone can experience different things. This depends on the density between your ego, your spiritual consciousness, and the internal wounds that still need to heal. Here are some signs that I have noticed: 12. Feeling an increased connection with nature 11. A willingness to embrace your spiritual gifts 10. Loss of interest in conflict 9. Random feelings of interconnected-ness that your brain cannot understand 8. Ringing in your ears 7. A shift in long standing eating habits 6. A longing to change jobs 5. Experiencing wonderful synchronicities 4. A courageous willingness to be who you really are 3. Sudden ability to manifest things - quicker than before 2. Seeing number sequences over and over that keep catching your attention (i.e., 111, 144, 27, 1212, etc.)

1. A new ability to let go and truly trust I encourage you to keep going no matter where u are!

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