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Don't Take it Personally

Is someone or something disturbing you? Did you go somewhere and get triggered? Did someone say "that thing" that sent chills up your spine or heat through your body?

I am going to encourage you to take a different look at what may be happening. Understand that it is you who created this scenario, you who brought it into your energetic field. And you did so for your own personal growth.

I know this might be a hard pill to swallow, but if you can get this, it will empower you.

What is happening, is that "they" are triggering your inner wounds that are ready to heal. So your intimate and genius subconscious helped you create a scenario to show you this energy inside of you. I know, she can be feisty, but if you allow this to be a teacher, you will grow rapidly!

If you are out and about when triggered, follow step 1. If you are home and have the time and space to address this inner wound, click on the link to fill out the worksheet.

Step 1:

Get 50 feet away from what happened. You can simply go to the bathroom to take a moment to yourself. While you are with yourself pull back your energy from the situation and go into yourself. Close your eyes and breathe. Next, recognize you have some things to look at. Take a breath and simply acknowledge which feeling has been triggered. Take your attention off the outer person, and remember these are your inner wounds that are ready to heal. Know everything is ok. The feeling spaces are in you and no one outside of you has any power! Just as if I say "you look pretty" I'm sharing my good feelings, or "you look bad" I'm sharing my bad feelings. Both of which have nothing to do with you, but rather I am just sharing what is inside of me. So detach from the trigger and release that energy through the breath. Level set and when ready, leave the bathroom with new empowered energy.

Step 2: Work through a problem... worksheet

Next, begin to trust yourself. You are stronger and more capable than you realize. Tap into that inner strength and trust yourself. This practice will help you better identify where you stop and others start.

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