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Words have Power

Your words have POWER! Language reflects energy moving. Certain words take our energy away. For example, "I can't wait" is two negative words being used to express something positive. Instead, we could say "I am excited," which communicates a more authentic way to describe what you may be really feeling.

Words show us our energy. When we get more in tune with our energy, we begin to live a more authentic life. For example, when we use the word should, we are uttering the energy of regret and that takes our energy away. To keep your energy with you, change that should to could (which implies choice) and "boom" you have more empowered energy with you.

Pay attention to the words you use. Start by asking "what is the energy I am trying to communicate here?" What we focus on grows. If we're focusing on negativity, our energy goes there. Tune in to the words you use and what's behind them. Redirect your words to speak the authentic truth!

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