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Spiraling Trauma Away

This technique will help you spiral the chaotic trauma energy out of your body.  

Prescription: 14 consecutive days.

You will get the best results and actually feel a difference if you practice this for the consecutive 14 days. This allows your system to unlock all the layers connected to the energy. 


Now trauma and past wounds are simply any energy left behind after the flight or flight response was triggered, and the energy was not discharged properly. So our intention this month is to find this stale energy and heal an emotionally charged memory to re-access your true state of inner harmony. 


The healing work we will be doing here is in the quantum field, so allow your rational mind to rest as we begin to bring freedom to all aspects of your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric bodies that may have held onto this past pain and or trauma.

The goal here is to access your internal code of peace, balance and harmony and bring the highest point of light to replace this trauma. 

In order to discharge the energy that has been triggered, however, we first must realize that on some energetic level, we became a match for this energy. 

Now I know this is a hard pill to swallow. 

It has been for me too. But if you can take this step and see that a similar version of this energy exists within you too, then you give yourself the power to truly heal it.

For example, "Sally was bullied growing up. When she got bullied she felt rejected and disgusting.  She then began to believe this about herself. She felt disgusting and unacceptable inside. She one day realized she was carrying around this disgust and then went to the bully and acted out in disgust.  It was in that moment that she saw she was carrying around this energy far longer than the bully attacked her. She then began to release the trauma of being made to feel disgusting and spiraled that away.  She then called in new energies; like acceptance of self, connect-ability, and love and her life began to shine these new frequencies."

This is how healing can go sometimes. It's messy, it is not linear, and others can not heal these spaces for you, even if they created them. 

So let's dive in and heal a trauma, past program, toxic energetic data, or false belief that is still lingering in your system.  

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