Spiritual Coaching & Healing

Are you going through challenges that you don't understand?  Do things keep happening that feel a little strange?  Need a new perspective? Spiritual Coaching could be the answer.  


Awaken's mission is to connect you to the divine presence that is alive within us all!  Once activated, your soul remembers how to radiate your most true self! As a spiritual teacher, coach, and modern day healing guide, Sophie uses a unique approach of helping one move stale energy out of the body, through words, and then helps to reconnect you to the divinity within.  In this healing, yet spiritual space, she helps you regain access and connect with your deep inner soul, gently teaches you how release what you no longer need, and gracefully shows you how to invite in what you have always been seeking.  

Areas we work on healing...

Addictions  |  Anger  |  Anxiety  |  Death  |  Debt  |  Doubt   

Failure  |  Fear  |  Insecurities  |  Loneliness  |  Loss  |  Pain   

Rejection  |  Separation  

Problems appear to lead us to ask new questions.  These new questions reveal an answer you have not yet heard.  This new answer leads you to find new action. And this new action changes your life!  Therefore, our problems may be in the form of a spiritual disguise that has manifested in order to lead us into a more meaningful life experience. 


Problems are

If you are having a difficult time in life, I invite you to see these problems surfacing to get your attention.  Your attention can then be used to look at what you are ready to heal and release.  The psyche has a funny way of communicating with us, but when we can respond to what is surfacing from a more loving and empowered space, we can more clearly see what we need to heal within.  These deeper wounds are within us all, and when the time is right, they can be recognized and released, allowing you to radiate! 

Doing the 
Inner Work

Healing begins to emerge as you heal and release old memories, forgive the lingering past, resolve past stale issues, and clean and clear out your subconscious.  As your soul aligns with a healthier and stable space within, you begin to open and receive all that is already present in the great mystery of life itself. This mystery, therefore, moves you into an AWAKENING, resulting in less stress, more energy, and a radiant connection to what makes you feel excited and inspired!  This process opens you up to a space of release where you can then begin to plant the seeds that you would like to watch grow.


The Process 
of Healing

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