Have you ever said to yourself?

   1. "I need to change ___ , but have no clue where to start." 

   2. "All I want is to feel happy, but I just don't feel that way."

   3. "What the heck am I supposed to do with my life?" 

   4. "I really want to get my weight under control." 

   5. "Something is missing, but I don't know what it is."

   6. "I want achieve my goals, but always seem to give up."  

   7. "I need more love, energy, time, patience, etc..."

   8. "I want a loving relationship, but cannot seem to find 'the one'."

   9. "I want to understand my spirituality, but don't know where to start.."



If any of these statements resonate...

you may be ready to take your life to the next level.

Next, please pick the area you would like to work on.


Your Spirituality

We look at your connection to Source + fill in all the wholes

to your spiritual practice, helping you go beyond where you are now. 

Your Whole Life 

We look at your whole life and coach you in all the areas that need attention.  

This is for the person who wants to feel better in their life,

but may not be sure what needs to the most attention!  

Your Relationships

We reflect upon your major relationships and

gently see the part that 'we' play in them, address what needs to change,

and create a loving process to rebuild or to release.

Your Health

We look at your specific health issue and find the underlying

emotional and spiritual cause that is creating this block.  

We then create a series of health goals that you work to achieve. 

Your Career

We uncover your deeper purpose, what has meaning in your vocational path,

discover your passion, and open to new possibilities -

all while receiving proactive support through the transition.

Your Relationship with Food

We look at your relationship with food and

begin to understand what is happening beyond your food cravings

and overeating habits.  After addressing these deeper issues,

we select a healthy eating regimen and begin to execute a new relationship with food. 


Your Social Life

We discuss your current social life and how you want it to change.  

From here, we transform all your social discomforts into inner strength and

create positive scenarios to meet new people you have synergy with.

See What Others are Saying...


"Awaken is client-centered, empathetic, and encourages positive change in a safe atmosphere. I felt like they were focused on the heart and soul of the client, never wasted time, and got to the “root” of every problem."



"Awaken changed my life. My experience was positive, Sophie teaches excellence, and shines with radiance. I now have a strategic plan for my future and feel inspired to move forward. Sophie is a great coach!"



"Sophie is a true healer and is amazing at what she does. I highly encourage you to allow her to help you on your journey."


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