Design Your Life

Your personal power, success, and

expansive joy are in your own hands. 

YOU have the choice to do

whatever you want with your life.  


What an incredible gift you hold! 


Once you take ownership of your life,

together we direct your energy towards

making decisions that give your life

positive energy and desired outcomes.  


No matter what the situation,

you have the choice and power to

build your life into what you desire.


It is time!  


Your truth is ready to blossom...

We guide Your Vision into Reality

Imagine your world several months from now

- feeling more energized, more powerful,

happier, more joyful, with a sense of freedom

to be who you really are.

This can become your reality. 


Often, people have a dream in their head

and a vision in their heart,

but have no clue how to bring those together in reality.


This is where our transformational approach to

Life Coaching comes in,

we help you to transform your limitations,

get clarity on your situation,

release blocks and old energetic patterns,

and access your true self and highest potential!


Our Coaching Process

Awaken Recognize.jpg

Using an easy-to-understand approach that is 100% holistic, we will organically move through our three phase process...


  1. We will do the inner work to RECOGNIZE what is blocking you from stepping into what you really want. Often what brings you in the door, is not your deepest issue.  So we dig and find the truth. ​

  2. We then move through this blockage and being to RELEASE all of the past energy, memories, emotions, and fears through many different healing modalities that I teach you to practice on your own. 

  3. Once the stale energy is released, you have created space for new energy to emerge.  In this space we plant your new intentions and build a powerful strategy to bring your desires into your life, relationships, health and career! This is the final stage of the process where you begin to RADIATE!  Walking through your life with empowering thoughts, feeling good,  invigorated confidence, and revitalized energy! Your life will RADIATE a joy so profound that your highest potential becomes your reality!  


Ready to Radiate? 

Awaken Life Coaching is not your Average life coach

as we use a hybrid approach of healing and creation

to help you thrive in your life!  


Often, on the way to one of our goals,

we may get lost because of the internal wounds that need to heal.


At Awaken, we address these wounds

and bring healing to those deeper conditions,

and once that energy has released,

we then refocus on moving forward

into what we desire to create.   

If the time is right for you,

take a look at these questions and

see if coaching is the next best step for you...

You hold the Power

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