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Step into Higher Frequencies +

transform your world!

 Your world is directly affected by the signal that you are transmitting. 

Who you are right now, and what you are thinking right now, is causing a focusing of energy. This focused energy - is the same energy that is creating your world.



There is an unlimited stream of well-being and abundance

that is available to you at all times,

but you must be in vibrational alignment to receive the stream.


THE Raise Your Vibration CIRCLE 


is a 6 month group journey

that will show you how to gain control of your thoughts +

teach you how to fully practice the Law of Attraction, in your present circumstances.

The point is to break your habit of talking about things

as they are, and learn how to begin thinking, feeling, and talking

about how you want things to be.

Not the common, "this is just the way it is..."

But rather, this is what I want and I now know

how to line energy up around my deepest desires.

Having a High Vibration is an art you develop within

and becomes a sacred practice.

Once we change your concept of what is possible,

we will change your life forever.

T H E   W A Y   I T


  • 24 online course lessons -1 unlocked per week

  • 12 video lessons that include a meditation to activate those teachings

  • 6 Live Video Group Circle Sessions with Sophie -  1 every month

  • We cover 5 Modules of training:

    • The Law of Attraction,

    • Your Guidance System, 

    • Feeling Are Indicators,

    • Your Point of Attraction

    • Raising Your Vibration

  • Virtual Interaction with our online Raise Your Vibe Tribe

  • Christ Consciousness + Light Body Activation

  • Email support with Sophie during your 6 month journey

  • Guided Meditations (Downloadable)

  • Re-programmings (Downloadable) 

  • Powerful book discussion

*All group sessions are recorded and available for download if you miss a meeting.



P O W E R F U L  

A G E N D A 



The Law of Attraction


Your Inner Guidance System


Feelings Are Indicators


Your Point of Attraction


Raising Your Vibration


Raise Your Vibration
Your Total Self
Transmute Your Issue
The God Pod
Christ Consciousness Activation
Light Body Awareness
Self-Accepting Love
Frequency Booster Reprogramming


S T A R T I N G 




$260/ month

This is for you if...

  • You are ready to finally put yourself first, it's time

  • You want to honor the promises you have made to yourself deep down

  • You want to stand in your power and play it BIG!  

  • You want to step into the true beauty of your unique energy ID

  • You want to heal, mend and restore what has held you back

This is NOT for you if...

  • you do not want to take 100% responsibility for your life

  • you are not ready to raise your vibration

  • you want to stay stuck in old patterns

  • you want to keep replaying your false beliefs

This circle will AWAKEN + Transform your existence.

We are ready to receive our next tribe. 


Is this you? 

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The 2 Schools of Thought
Watch our 2 minute explanation on how the
Law of Attraction can help you heal!


Raising Your Vibration

will help you: 


  • Understand what powerful beliefs are creating your world

  • Learn how to focus your thoughts to activate the vibration of attraction

  • Practice the vibration of your desires


You are invited to go on a 6 month journey with us

and finally step into your higher Vibration

that will transform the way you feel.  

Want to Raise Your Vibration? 

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See what others

say about our Circles...


“I feel like I now have this play book, this rule book, something to just help me follow along, and not just bounce around from thing to thing. Although life throws you things, I feel like I just have more excitement about where I can go now. Every day, I have something to look forward to now. Even when I wake up and I’m not in the right frame of mind, if I do my meditation or look at the course work we’re on, and the things we’re doing, I find that it gives me this sense of excitement that I didn’t have before, with just less judgement, and just a feeling of joy, which is something I have been searching for, for a long time. To be able to wake up with that joy and peace, and even if I don’t wake up with that, I now know how to reach it that day with the lessons and tools that you have given us.”


"Thank you Sophie, for your personal time that you spend responding to me! I think about how young you are and how much you do and have accomplished! It is very grounding to have a teacher that is so reassuring, someone I enjoy emulating and have tremendous respect for."


"This experience has been incredible, beyond description. I feel I don’t even know yet the true depths of the transformation that have taken place. It has put a fire in my heart and soul to honor myself and live out my purpose!"


N E X T   S T E P S

Please fill out the form below and tell us a little bit about you.

Then we will have a 15 minute call with you to make sure

this is the right fit for you!


After you fill out the form you will be redirected

to schedule your call with Sophie! 


I hold this healing + transformational space for our Circles. Stepping into our sacred circle, is like stepping into a metaphorical healing hut, where the magic begins to unfold. I cannot explain to you how this happens, all I can tell you is that I am a witness to this and in awe of this energy!


What I can promise you is that during the time you are in our circle, you will change. The healing that takes place is beyond all logical explanation. If you are ready for your transformation, join us.