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Are you just waiting for this virus to pass and go back to “normal”? 


If so, the real question will be, what is our new normal truly going to be? 


We are in this exciting unfolding of a time that many are calling

’The Great Awakening'.  


I really believe that things in our lives will not be the same after this. 


The exciting thing about that is, you can take a deep look at what you want to keep and what you want to release from your life. 

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Hi, I am Sophie Frabotta - The Soul Whisperer. I believe that you can live a life of freedom. And I can show you how to do the inner work that will ultimately change your life and free your energy.

I do not lay my hands on people and heal, I use my words to direct you inward to lead you to your own inner healer.  

There is a dwelling deep within, where all your answers reside, and I simply am a tour guide that can lead you to this place. 

With all we have going on right now,

I created a mini course with very down to earth information

on how to pull freedom frequencies into your energy field. 

And then I decided to make it FREE. 




Because I feel like the world needs a little more love, light, abundance and freedom energy to give us a boost and help us remember that everything is ok. 


I ultimately just want to share this information with you. 

And we update with a new lesson about every month or so!


This started as a mini course, and now has over 5 lessons,

which include Talks + Meditations, some of which you can download!


The Freedom Frequencies are within you + 

my hope is that I can help get your positive energy activated.

This is simply a heart led service to humanity! 

Freedom Frequencies mini.PNG

About the Course

It is so important to know which state are you living in right now, because your frequency has momentum.


The Freedom Frequencies will offerer you teachings along with meditations that you can download and keep for future use, and even some worksheets to create your new normal. 

This is a living course, so once you are in you will get updates when we upload new lectures, content, and meditations. 

This is my gift to you, and I invite you to join in on 'The Great Awakening.'

The Freedom Frequencies will teach you about:

  • The frequency you vibrate

  • Clearing practices to shift your energy

  • How to pause

  • Journal prompts to change your frequency

  • and how to Step into The Freedom Frequencies! 

Grab a pen, your journal, and get ready to ride on the waves of The Freedom Frequencies!

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