I am not afraid to say that Soul-Love will change your life, because it has changed mine! After several rounds of offering our 6 month self-love circle, something new began to emerge within me.  Something bigger, something deeper than self-love started to whisper in my ear. And that is when I clearly heard the words: Soul-Love! 




If you are ready to become the woman you are meant to be and drop all that energetic baggage you have been carrying around for far too long, then I invite you to join us for Awaken Your Soul's Magic, a 20 week transformational experience + soul love community. 

The problem with just seeking out self help without a guide is you are not being led to the root of your issues, you are just dealing with the presenting problem.

What if I could take the next 10 years of your life and teach you how to heal what has been holding you back in the next 20 weeks. 




It is my mission to bring healing and transformation to the world. I had these 2 programs that were each six months long and I began to wonder how I could make this process more powerful and transformative. My next thought was, let's blend the two.


Being realistic and knowing that people want to see immediate results and not wait a year to see change, I went into my think tank.  I meditated, talked with Spirit and days later, I conceived the Soul-Love Mastery Method. I looked at my 2 programs, cut the fat, re-recorded ALL the footage, and built a quicker delivery system for you to get the change you are seeking now! 


I wanted to make sure my students were taking away the most profound points from this work and condensed 52 weeks down to 20 weeks of training.


And the The Soul-Love Mastery Method was born, which is only taught in our course called Awaken Your Soul's Magic.


The Soul-Love Guide



I will teach YOU how to AWAKEN your soul's magic through a process of consciousness techniques that result in whole life healing and transformation!

I bring light and wisdom into your soul by offering a space of deep healing through my Soul-Love Mastery Method. They call me the SOUL whisperer because my work opens up a channel in you that sounds like a whisper, and long after you have completed your work with me, you can still hear it.  Together we will AWAKEN your soul's magic by activating the most powerful healer within, YOU! 

Sophie Frabotta





This total method contains 5 pillars of growth: healing the inner child, healing the trauma response, transforming energetic cords, building a spiritual practice, soul-love practices, and raising your vibration. It’s a powerful path to transforming and awakening spiritually! And this method is only taught in our signature program called Awaken Your Soul's Magic. Below are the 5 pillars of our Soul Love Mastery Method.


There is this little thing called your inner child. And she is probably hurting. But when you learn to meet her, and make her feel safe, you will see a huge difference in your energy levels. You may also notice that it becomes easier to know who you can and can't trust. Healing your inner child makes it much more pleasant to interact with people in general.


If you are tired of being tired, and can’t seem to get ahead in your life, understanding how energy moves through you and the laws around it is a game changer. Our 5 simple techniques are so powerful that it actually allowed me to give up coffee for good. We will teach you you how to use the law of attraction, magnetism, and the 5 things to do every day to get your energy connected and flowing.



Do you feel clogged by the end of the day?  You may be an empath with clogged cords. Cords connect your energy to everyone and can end up running toxic energy to you and through you. When you clear your cords, you will instantly begin to turn those feelings of overwhelm into a free-flowing sensation. This type of energy clearing changes everything. 


Everyone talks about being happy, and love and light, and raising their vibe - right? We all want these things, but do we actually know how to really hold it? What we will teach you in this last module is how to actually raise your frequency to match your desires and begin to manifest with the Divine. This will happen through a series of vibe raising techniques that build upon each other and uplift your vibration to 5D!


Soul-Love is a distinct spiritual love, an evolved version of self-love where we teach you how to get in tune with your unique rhythm. Our Soul-Love information will help you connect to your own acceptance in a deeper, more meaningful way that will actually help you feel better. Our Soul-Love techniques only have you do two things, watch our videos and listen to the internal practice sessions, and your love will begin to blossom.




I will walk you through a process that will change your life. We will begin by activating your feeling of safety within. After we establish that safety, we will find your trauma response and turn it off. Then we will explore the cords that are attached to you that may be running toxic energy and show you how to cut, remove or untangle them to establish a more harmonious energy flow. You will then learn a bunch of different spiritual practices that will change your energy on a daily basis.​ I invite you to go on this 20 week journey to Awaken Your Soul's Magic with us so we can show you how to:

✨ Feel safe within

✨ Discover the chaotic or disruptive energy inside and show you how to heal it so you can calm down on a deep inner level

✨ Explore the energetic cords that are attached to you that may be running toxic energy and how to cut, remove and untangle them to run more harmonious energy

✨ Build a spiritual practice that will change the way you approach your day and lift your energy on a daily basis

✨ Truly love your whole self and begin to practice soul-love

​This is a hybrid transformational experience where we meet LIVE for a group Masterclass session every other week + you have 1 weekly video lesson and 1 internal practice session unlocked each week. Over the 20 weeks you get:

  • 20 video lessons -- 1 unlocked per week that you can watch and learn in your own timing

  • 20 Downloadable Internal practice sessions -- all meditations under 20 minutes

  • 10 Months access - LIVE Soul-Love Masterclasses* and Community** -- every other week

  • 5 months -- Online course support from Sophie + our Program Success Coaches

  • Worksheets + templates -- to show you the formulas for transformation

  • 30 hours Total -- Soul-Love Mastery Learning taught by Sophie

*All LIVE Masterclass sessions are recorded + available for download if you do not attend live.

**The cool thing about our 10 months of access to our LIVE Soul-Love Community is that this is deep work that you may find difficult to talk with your friends about. This is where our community comes in. Here you can share all your magic and growth, and when you complete the 5 modules, you will have another 5 months of ongoing support from us and your soul-love community!





Awaken Your Magic

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Sign up today and you will also get FREE access to our

course called Getting Balanced: In 3 simple steps. ($99 value.) 

This will prepare you to create a balanced foundation for you to begin Awakening Your Soul's Magic! 





Awaken Your Soul's Magic Combines the hybrid of coaching elements and online course content. It is designed to take you through a full transformation process that happens through a group experience. This is your single solution offering you a cohesive step by step way to actually help you change your life and feel better. Stop spending $500 here and there, to not solve your problem. Instead I invite you to invest in the actual solution. You will get to:

 ✨Be inspired by others

 ✨Be a part of a community of people doing the same work

 ✨Get better results, connection, and feedback on actually action steps you are guided to take



At just one week into this program, as I was doing Sophie’s Inner Child meditation, I met another part of myself.  My masculine self that exists within me in spirit - my ‘other-half’ or ‘soul-mate’ and felt so comforted that he is always with me, filling the void within that I have tried to fill with those outside of myself.  I now feel more whole, more complete, and I am not searching or needing something outside of myself to fulfill me.  I have all that I need, and it is always with me.


I feel like I have this play book to help me follow along with life, and not just bounce around from thing to thing. Although life throws curveballs, I now have more excitement about where I can go now. Every day, I have something to look forward to. Even when I wake up and I’m not in the right frame of mind, if I do my meditation or look at the course work we’re on, and the things we’re doing, I find that it gives me this sense of excitement that I didn’t have before, with less judgement, and just a feeling of joy, which is something I have been searching for, for a long time.


I totally recommend this course, it is just an awesome journey to better understand yourself and how you can really just love yourself and love others and be the best version of yourself. It truly felt like every session and every week of the work we were doing was so meant for me to help evolve. It was exactly the spiritual medicine I needed in that moment to help me get to the next level and I’m so grateful to be on the journey of Sophie’s courses and teachings, because I really don’t know where I would be without it.


  • You will begin to trust yourself and others

  • Know the difference between your emotions and theirs

  • Have a sense of mental clarity

  • Turn off your fight or flight

  • Have your entire energy calm down

  • Find yourself responding differently

  • Release stale anger and daily frustrations

  • Feel more stable in your own skin

  • Get back to having a clean slate

  • Get rid of toxic energy

  • Develop healthier relationships

  • Experience more energy

  • Have more clarity in moving forward

  • Feelings of personal empowerment

  • Tap into your inner support

  • And speak to yourself in a more loving and non-judgmental tone

Sophie Frabotta


If you love everything spiritual...
Want a more fulfilled life...
And are ready to AWAKEN your magic...

Then step onto this path with us and become a Soul-Lover, where we will show you how to  transform the blocks that your human is carrying around, and open you up to a world where soul love leads your way!


Repeat After Me

I am a soul-lover.

I love differently.

I never give up on myself,

because deep down I know I am love.

I release all the baggage I have carried,

until I experience the exhale.

I do the work.

I love the work.

I define who I am.


My spirituality shines within me.

My soul love leads the way.

And I become the woman

I have always wanted to be.

I am a Soul-Lover!


Once we change your concept of what is possible, we will change your life forever. I am here to help take you on a new path. Awaken your Souls Magic is the beginning of your real transformation journey. I invite you to step into the life you have been waiting to live!


Fill out the form below to Save Your Seat!



I hold this healing + transformational space for our programs. Stepping into our sacred circle, is like stepping into a metaphorical healing hut, where the magic begins to unfold. I cannot explain to you how this happens, all I can tell you is that I am a witness to this and in awe of this energy!


What I can promise you is that during our circle time, you will get to experience healing, maybe in a way that you never have. Join us, your transformation awaits. 

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