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I am not afraid to say that this class can change your life, because it has changed mine! I have spent over 10K hours working with individuals in the one-to-one spiritual healing space and found the 12 most important steps to take to truly Awaken transform your life! I will help you gain a sense of mental clarity, turn off your fight or flight response, ignite your ability to intuitively trust your path, and give your entire energy system a reboot. When you have searched for all other options, tried endlessly to change, and still feel like you are not getting anywhere this is where Awaken + Shine comes to the rescue! 



I will walk you through a process that can change your life…if you let it. Through this experience you will learn many different techniques that will help shift, change, and increase your energy on a daily basis. I invite you to go on this 12 week journey to HEAL, and learn how to:

✔️ Feel an inner sense of empowerment that turns into confidence

✔️ Discover the chaotic or disruptive energy inside and show you how to heal it so you can calm down on a deep inner level

✔️ Transform your mental chatter that may be running toxic energy to you and learn how to clean up your mind.

✔️ Build a meditation + spiritual healing practice that will change the way you approach your day and lift your energy on a daily basis

✔️ Step into a whole new world of profound self love

I will teach YOU how to AWAKEN and heal your life through a process of consciousness techniques that result in whole life healing and transformation!

I bring light and wisdom into your soul by offering a space of deep healing through my Soul-Love Mastery Method. They call me the SOUL whisperer because my work opens up a channel in you that sounds like a whisper, and long after you have completed your work with me, you can still hear it.  Together we will AWAKEN your soul by activating the most powerful healer within, YOU! 

Sophie Frabotta



This class contains 5 pillars of growth: getting mentally balanced, healing work, imagery work, healing the inner child, and unlocking beliefs. It’s a powerful path to transformation and awakening your spirituality! And this method is only taught in our signature program called Awaken Within.


How much work is this a week?

Take a look to better understand how we take you through this process.



If you are ready to become the person you are meant to be and drop all that energetic baggage you have been carrying around for far too long, I invite you to join us for this healing experience, called Awaken + Shine, and enter your own personal transformation.

  • 12 video lessons, 1 unlocked per week that you can watch and learn in your own timing.

  • Every week has a video lesson and an internal practice session (meditation under 20 minutes)

  • All the internal practice sessions include a downloadable meditation for you to keep

  • You have 3 months of email support from Sophie outside of your sessions

  • There are downloadable worksheets + templates to help you integrate the work you are learning

  • Overall, there is over 12 hours of Transformational Mastery taught from Sophie





  • 12 Weeks of Transformational Content 

    • (1 Unlocked Weekly)

  • 12 Healing Sessions

    • (Downloadable Healing Sessions unlocked weekly)

  • 12 Weeks Email Support

  • Master Subconscious Belief Healing Session

  • Over 12 hours of Transformational Mastery 




  • 6 Private 1-Hour Sessions w/ Sophie

  • 12 Weeks of Transformational Content 

    • 1 Unlocked Weekly

  • 15 Healing Sessions

    • Downloadable Healing Sessions unlocked weekly

  • Private Meditation Access

  • 12 Weeks Email Support

  • Master Subconscious Belief Healing Session

  • Over 18 hours of Transformational Mastery

  • Sound Healing Experience 

    • Downloadable 

  • $25 Crystal Credit to Awaken Crystal Gallery




  • 12 Private 1-Hour Sessions w/ Sophie

  • 12 Weeks of Transformational Content 

    • 1 Unlocked Weekly

  • 20 Healing Sessions

    • Downloadable Healing Sessions unlocked weekly

  • Exclusive Private Meditations

  • 16 Weeks Email Support with personalized video recorded answers

  • Master Subconscious Belief Healing Session

  • Over 24 hours of Transformational Mastery 

  • Worksheets, Templates + Healing Formulas

  • 2 Sound Healing Experiences

    • Downloadable 

  • $45 Crystal Credit to Awaken Crystal Gallery


I am forever changed. The mystery of inner healing is far more powerful than I had anticipated. I imagined struggle, resistance and a lot of pain. The most profound experience was actually healing them and the lightness that followed. It has taught me how powerful and connected to source I actually am.




I draw such strength from Sophie's perspective, her focus, and how spiritually connected she is. Her soft heart of humility has shown me the way through my wounds and  set a new intention going forward. Everything in this course just seemed to be  in perfect alignment!


This course challenged me way beyond my thoughts. I have never dove this deep into myself ever. This far surpassed those expectations, in a great way.  What I have learned is so valuable and priceless. I will take this entire course and live better from this day forward. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life and I thank you Sophie!



This course has allowed me to heal parts of myself that I never thought was possible at some points. I am beyond thankful for Sophie and the work she fulfills in others lives. I knew this was course was exactly where I was supposed to be. And this last year has felt like a serious roller coaster,  I can not thank you enough for the breakthroughs, hard cries and teach me this inner work. This course has changed my life.


I totally recommend this course, it is just an awesome journey to better understand yourself. It truly felt like every week of the work was so meant for specifically for my journey. It was exactly the spiritual medicine I needed in that moment to help me get to the next level and I’m so grateful to be on the journey of Sophie’s courses and teachings, because I really don’t know where I would be without it.


I’m so grateful for Sophie,  her heart, energy, and confidence have helped me understand my energy in a much healthier manner. This course helped me free myself from such a regimented and restricted lifestyle and now I feel my heart opening. My faith has grown stronger. I know now more than ever that I was created on purpose for a purpose. I was my own worse enemy and now I’m my own best friend.



  • You will begin to trust yourself and others

  • Gain a sense of mental clarity

  • Turn off your fight or flight

  • Have your entire energy system calm down

  • Find yourself responding differently

  • Release stale anger and daily frustrations

  • Feel more stable in your own skin

  • Get back to having a clean slate

  • Get rid of toxic energy

  • Develop healthier relationships

  • Experience more energy

  • Have more clarity in moving forward

  • Feelings of personal empowerment

  • Tap into your inner support

  • And speak to yourself in a more loving and non-judgmental tone

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