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Certified Spiritual Life Coach


Alix "Ali" Walker is a Spiritual Life Coach, Holistic Health Coach, Meditation Facilitator, and Sound Healer.  Her mission is to guide her clients to healing the mind, body, and spirit so they can create an authentic life full of joy, love, and freedom.

Using spirituality and the energetics of the chakra system as the foundation for healing, Alix helps her clients cultivate self-love, heal their trauma, and create an abundant life. 

Rumi said, "never give from the depths of your well, but from your overflow."  Alix incorporates this principle into her coaching services and teaches clients how to give to themselves first (without feeling guilty) so they can give from their overflow to the rest of their world.

A large percentage of clients come to her suffering with burnout, narcissistic abuse, PTSD, addiction, or a loss in spiritual connection.

Alix Walker is a fire sign from New Orleans, LA.  Her free time is spent being a mom, nurturing her plants, creating beautiful things, laughing, and traveling.

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