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The chakras are energy centers that have intelligence, memory and the ability to self-heal. Stacked in a column through the center of the body, each energy center holds mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. When we have an imbalance, it can create a poor response to what life hands us. When we re-balance the stagnant energy, we return to our natural state of being; healthy, whole, and complete.  

This course will teach an overview about each chakra, the three states our chakras can be in, healing techniques to balance how energy moves through your body, and a guided meditation to clean and balance your chakras. Our goal is to leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and aware of how much power you hold in that magical body of yours!  


Over the 8 videos, you will learn about each of the chakras below: 

  • Chakra Overview- (30 minutes) 

  • Root Chakra – Practicing Grounding (1 hour class) 

  • Sacral Chakra – Opening to your Creativity (1 hour class) 

  • Solar Plexus – Embodying your Personal Power (1 hour class)

  • Heart Center – Opening the Heart (1 hour class)

  • Truth Center – Silence & Sound (1 hour class)

  • Third Eye – Awakening your Intuition (1 hour class)

  • Crown – Accessing your Spiritual Truth (1 hour class) 

You also get one 30 minute phone session with Sophie to answer any questions that may arise during your online study.


If you want to learn about the chakras, this is a great way to go at your own pace, save money and learn how to re-balance your energy. The original price of this course was $199, which we are now offering for $79 ($129 savings). You get over seven hours of information for $79 and 30 minutes with Sophie!  







Awaken Your Chakras
Awaken Your Intuition

TBD: 11:15-1:15pm

$40/ person

This workshop will offer tools and support to help you tap into your intuition, recognize what your intuition what it is trying to tell you, feel & sense your own energy and the energy of others, and let go of thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you; all resulting in helping you to Raise Your Vibration, bringing confidence and security into your life!


In this 2 hour course Sophie will teach you how to:

  • Quiet the mind

  • understand the 3 different intelligences

  • listen to guidance from your gut

  • Begin to walk with your soul





Date: TBD 6:00-8:00pm

3 week course

This in-person course or virtual will teach you detailed information about your spirit team. Our Spirit Team was assigned to us before we were born and are invisibly with us to help nudge and guide us through life.  They’re responsible for helping us fulfill the spiritual contract we made with ourselves before we incarnated. 


If you are reading this, then you are probably on a path of awakening and your soul may be directing you to connect with spiritual intelligence more deeply.  


This course will help you tune in to your spirit and help lead you to a more smooth and fulfilling way of living!  


In this 6 hour course Sophie will teach you how to:

  • recognize your spirit, meet your Guardian Angel and the Arch-Angels

  • tune into your spirit team 

  • listen to your Intuition & go with your gut

  • discern between Spiritual Guidance and Thought




Awaken Your Spirituality




This virtual course will offer tools and support that will help you awaken your intuition, dive deep into your energetic awareness, assist you to Raise Your Vibration, and bring confidence and security into your routine!


You will learn to: 

• recognize your intuition and understand what it is trying to tell you

• let go of emotions that no longer serve you

• transform negative thought patterns 

• understand how thoughts shape your reality

• how to do the inner work

• pinpoint your desires





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