Sophie is the founder of The Awaken Co., a lifestyle brand that helps people transform through Life Coaching, Meditation, and Crystal education. She has a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Author, and Spiritual Entrepreneur who infuses consciousness into every project she works with.

The transformational experience that she offers through her life's work helps people to Awaken, and reconnects them with their soul purpose. Sophie has logged more than 8,500 hours of individual coaching with clients over the past twelve years in her business, and has distilled her transformational process down to helping men and women bring their vision into reality in 16 weeks or less!

Sophie also certifies and trains aspiring coaches in her Spiritual Life Coach Training Program on how to step into this healing and transformational space.  Her powerful process teaches tools and solutions that awaken consciousness, which result in a true soul Awakening! Sophie is known for the gift of understanding what is going on inside of people, reading energy in-between words, and walking people through an effective process that leads to self-acceptance, love and stepping into the truth of their being!


Hi, I am Morgan and my main role at Awaken is to make sure the behind the scenes is running smoothly. From creating content, editing video footage, working on social media, filling crystal orders, making sure retreats run smoothly, to even painting Claire’s nails, my biggest role is to be a support so that Awaken can flourish.

Awaken's mission is all about freedom. Freedom from your wounds and limiting beliefs, so you can break free from whatever lies are keeping you stuck. 

As Awaken continues to expand, the foundation we are building together here is all about heart-led leadership. Serving others with no bounds and guiding them to the light they hold within themselves.

The most touching part of my job is that I get to not only see the "Coach" Sophie that you all know, but I get to see the behind the scenes of a working mom (grading her student’s course work as her daughter sits on her lap), a loving wife, loyal friend, + mentor. 

Awaken's vision + purpose are so clear and it’s such an inspiration to see the unconditional dedication Sophie displays to this work.

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