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I teach ambitious women to AWAKEN their soul's magic through a process of consciousness techniques that result in whole life healing and transformation! They call me the SOUL whisperer because my work opens up a channel in you that sounds like a whisper, long after you have completed your work with me. I bring light and wisdom into your soul by offering a space of deep healing through my soul-love mastery method. Here we will define who you are and together we will AWAKEN your soul's magic by activating the most powerful healer within, YOU! 

Hello, I'm Sophie



I will bring light +

wisdom to your soul. 



I offer the space of deep healing and will show you how to honor + recognize your soul's truth to define who you are!




I hold this healing + transformational space for my clients + students.  What I can promise you is that I pour my heart and soul into this work. And as you begin to dive deep into your soul, I will show you how to activate the most powerful healer within, YOU! 


This is not therapy, this is a transformational opportunity and if you step into my classroom, you will be extremely well taken care of. I pour all my tools into your tool box and through this partnership - you will change. I am here to nurture and midwife your transformation.




I have seen people transform before my very eyes during this time. I have seen rage turn to compassion; addiction turn into new business ventures; rejection turn into acceptance; + insecurities turn into degrees. I have seen the lost get found; broken hearts become whole; the poor become abundant; + goals become realities!

I know I have something that can change your life. I have been called to serve you. I will shout this message from the roof tops to everyone who will listen. There is something inside of me, that can change your life. I can change your world in a way you never knew was possible. You are just like me, I know you, I understand you, and I can help you! 

  • Masters Degree -Transpersonal Psyc.

  • Certified Spiritual Life Coach

  • Meditation Teacher

  • Sound Bowl Healer

  • Crystal Guide

  • Author of The Continuous Appetite 

Sophie Frabotta

T H E   S O U L   W H I S P E R E R

Hey Soul Lover,


I now dedicate my life to teaching people how to do this deep Spiritual Healing work, but it was not always this way.


20 years ago, I began my spiritual healing journey and had no idea I was an empath with an array of spiritual gifts. It felt more like I was trapped in the most sensitive body and could feel everything and had no awareness of what was mine or others, so I took on all the emotions of everyone and thing around me, and it led me down a dark road. 


I had become depressed, anxious, suicidal, bulimic and 60 pounds heavier. 


I was living in my own nightmare. 


And then I found life coaching. It was as if someone was reminding me the code to my SOUL, and whispered in the equation that unlocked my unique mission.


Over the next 10 years, I discovered these six approaches that ended up healing me.


I began to connect with my own inner child, I learned how to turn OFF my trauma response,  I cleared and cut all my old energetic cords, I developed a deep daily spiritual practice, I learned to embody real SOUL-love, and raised my vibration!


And my life began to transform before my very eyes. 

Things started to make sense, I learned how to create energetic boundaries, how to distinguish my feelings from others, and how to create real change in my daily life! 


I had found the inner work that freed my soul and I wanted to teach people how to get their life back, how to listen to the inner whispers of their SOUL so they too could unlock their magic!

I went back to school, got my undergrad in psychology, my Master's in Transpersonal Psychology (later in the game), got certified as a holistic life coach and then took the leap to start my own coaching business in 2008. 


Thirteen years later, seasoned with a ton of mistakes, and thousands of hours helping others climb through their own limitations, I stand here today to share that you can use your wounds as the road map to find your own freedom. 


This path is not about perfection, it's about learning to effectively go after your desires with action + make the best of what comes your way. 


To me, life is about being your true self and having the courage to share that with the world. 


So I stand before you today as me; a work in progress, highly motivated to help you get into alignment with who you really are, so we can co-create the life you are seeking to experience!


This is how I developed the Soul-Love Mastery Method. I have lived it.  I have seen it change my life, my mood, my boundaries, my relationships, and my perspective. And the biggest thing I want to share with you is that YOU are not broken, you are whole, and I can show you the way back to your wholeness.

So I invite you to step into our sacred healing hut to learn how to hear your own whispers coming from your soul. You healing can begin now, Join us and Awaken Your Soul's Magic today!

Thanks for reading my love, 








​I received my Master's Degree in Transpersonal Psychology with a specialty in Spiritual Psychology from Sofia University in Palo Alto, California in 2016. Transpersonal Psychology is a holistic approach to psychotherapy, and studies human potential + the possibility of having peak experiences after one has done the deep psychological and spiritual healing work. I am also is the Author of: The Continuous Appetite; Understanding Your Cravings, Ending Your Overeating.





This healing process can be messy, and it often doesn't go as expected. It is up to you to do the inner work and others cannot heal these spaces for you, even if they created them. 


Having a guide show you the way is a game-changer. If you have been looking for a spiritual teacher and mentor, look no further.  I am here to help you heal and step into your soul's magic.


Hey Love,



If you are ready to change you life, I can help.  Check out the several ways you can start your Soul's transformation! 

Talk soon, 



See what others are saying...
Ashley Stafford, Palm Beach Gardens

Ashley Stafford, Palm Beach Gardens

"I was looking for purpose, direction and to figure out who I was. First and foremost, I became more spiritual! I reconnected with Jesus and can honestly say that has brightened my world. I learned to meditate and feel like I can now manifest and work towards things I want. Through working with Sophie I feel like I have grown as a person and changed my life."

Alyssa, PA

Alyssa, PA

I started going to Sophie after a friend recommended her and told me that she had changed her life. Although I had come to terms with some deep issues through therapy, I felt I still needed help healing on an emotional level. Sophie helped me dive deeper into those areas of my life and gave me tools that I still refer back to. She is a true healer and is amazing at what she does. I highly encourage you to allow her to help you on your journey.

Dane Benoy, Colorado

Dane Benoy, Colorado

"I reached out to Sophie because I was unhappy, full of anxiety, and needed guidance.  The benefits I received from coaching with Sophie were numerous. I learned to be joyful, to be ok with things, to go with the flow of life, to practice serenity, and to look forward, not back.  Sophie was like a lantern providing light, taking me out of the darkness."

Ferne, West Palm Beach

Ferne, West Palm Beach

Sophie is just a joy to work with and has such a calm, good, and genuine spirit! She got me to see things I never had before, which really helped me to reevauate the way I saw and interpreted certain situations. I highly recommend her to anyone that finds themselves stuck and searching for answers in dealing with life in general. I've used the tools she's given me and I'm much more calm and relaxed now. When things get crazy, I know how to bring my stress down and manage it!

Savannah, Jupiter FL

Savannah, Jupiter FL

I was able to see “behind the scenes,” with Sophie, being her intern and a client, therefore can say with absolute certainty that Sophie truly is a gift to those who accept her services. She is dedicated to her clients and makes the most of every session. She is client-centered, exudes empathy, and encourages positive change in a safe atmosphere. Sophie remains focused on the heart and soul of her clients, never wastes time, as she gets the “root” of every problem.

"When I first started with Sophie I was looking for a sense of direction after just 16 weeks I have more clarity of what I want and received a great amount of benefit, from hope to excellence. I have also seen a major improvement with my organizational skills and established a profound spiritual connection. Sophie is positive, teaches excellence, and shines with radiance. I now have a strategic plan for my future and feel inspired to move forward. Sophie is a great coach!

Michele Spiezia, Hoboken, NJ

Michele Spiezia, Hoboken, NJ

"Sophie's patience, mindfulness and intuitive nature continually allowed me to grow both spiritually and emotionally, into the truest version of my self. Rather than simply understanding the past through therapy, I was able to find peace in the present through action, guided by Sophie's many tools. I now find myself continually referring to the methods that Sophie shared with me. Daily, I am thankful for the guidance she was able to offer through a major transition in my life."

T. G., Jupiter, Florida

T. G., Jupiter, Florida

"Sophie is exceptional at what she does. She is caring, attentive, and has a way of bringing the best out in people. She can truly assist in enabling you to live life to its full potential. Whether your goals be health, career, personal, or spiritual, she can guide you there." *This client chose to remain anonymous to protect his professional identity.

Nathalia Rodrigues, USA

Nathalia Rodrigues, USA

"Sophie showed me how to transform my thoughts and fears. She gave me tools to love myself, and dig deep into the pain from my past that I was wanting to heal. I have since then, used those tools to help me be a better, more loving person to myself and other people. My relationships are growing strong with myself and the people I would like to have in my life. Thank you Sophie! For showing me that when we want help, it is always there. And we can heal anything we set our minds to."

Mike Poole, Jupiter, FL

Mike Poole, Jupiter, FL

"I contacted Sophie and I am seeing changes in every area of my life. Rather than focusing on the problem, she focuses on the solution and how to move forward in your life. Don't get me wrong, you will find out how you got to where you are, but her unique style of coaching will help get to where you were created to be."

Aja De los Santos, Ft. Lauderdale

Aja De los Santos, Ft. Lauderdale

"Sophie has helped me grow personally by becoming aware of how to transform the many negative influences and bad habits in my life. This process has allowed me to evolve into a better person. In turn I am better in my career, my marriage, my family life, and my friendships. I would highly recommend working with Sophie for any life stage!"

Tina O'Brien, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Tina O'Brien, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"My life is more authentic because of the things I learned from Sophie. I love taking an hour, once a week where it is all about ME! She has taught me to be nonjudgmental, and see that my happiness was always within my reach! I could write a short essay on the benefits of working with a coach like Sophie Skover Frabotta! For people who are looking for self improvement, this is the best thing you could do for yourself!"

Dan Zuniga, Jupiter, FL

Dan Zuniga, Jupiter, FL

​"Working with Sophie has been the most important ​& positive change in my life. I've learned to deal with my own issues, while also learning how to nurture and support my most important relationships. Life coaching is now less of a luxury, and more of a necessity. I recommend Sophie to all my friends."

Krissy Ernst, Tequesta, FL

Krissy Ernst, Tequesta, FL

"I feel like a completely different person, and have the tools to live the peaceful, joyful life I deserve. I know that when bumps come along the way in life, I can always return to peace by reminding myself of something Sophie taught me. Sophie’s wealth of wisdom, caring and passionate spirit changed my life. I would recommend her to anyone. You only get one life and she can help to make it your best. I'm forever thankful!"

Kim Dunn, Jupiter, FL

Kim Dunn, Jupiter, FL

"Sophie taught me techniques on how to deal with my issues and stop burying them with food. I learned how to deal with life's daily struggles and work through my day to day issues. I learned how to better deal with my past thinking, and move into the future with a better perspective. I felt extremely comfortable in sharing anything I had to say, felt fully understood and empathized with no matter how embarrassing it was. Thank you so much Sophie!"

Krissy Kairalla, Palm Beach Gardens

Krissy Kairalla, Palm Beach Gardens

"Sophie threw me a life jacket when I was drowning. She has given me tools to help me through rough spots in my marriage, raising teenage children, struggling friendships and the ups and downs of life in general. She has used her own experiences and wealth of knowledge to assist me in overcoming many obstacles and has helped me to embrace them and see them as growth opportunities. She has helped to guide me on my path, to reach for my dreams and to do it with an open heart."

Linda Carr, Boynton Beach, FL

Linda Carr, Boynton Beach, FL

"Every week I leave Sophie's office with tools that are unique to my life. She has given me the reassurance that I have everything I need; I just need to find it. Believe me, at first, I wanted miracles, answers, and I wanted her to do the work of finding that gem that lives inside of me. However, Sophie knew the importance of self discovery and the sense of ownership and confidence one only finds on their own. I was lost, but with Sophie I have been found!"

Kirasue Habibi, North Palm Beach, FL

Kirasue Habibi, North Palm Beach, FL

"Sophie has been an amazing life coach helping me for the last 3 years. She is a great listener and completely non-judgmental. I feel that she works together with me to help me create new ways of looking at difficult situations. I am very impressed with her service and I recommend her to anyone looking to improve their life."

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