Free Guide to Self-Love
Watch our 15 minute power talk on Self-Love.



You will learn the 4 things you can start

to do today to activate your self-love.

Hi, I am Sophie Frabotta - a Spiritual Coach and Modern Healer, who is passionate about showing you how to do the inner work that will ultimately change your life. 

I do not lay my hands on people and heal, I use my words to direct you inward to lead you to your own inner healer.  

There is a dwelling deep within, where all your answers reside, and I simply am a tour guide that can lead you to this place. 

I gave a 15 minute power-talk to one of my circles

with some really helpful tips on

how you can begin to form a more

loving relationship with yourself.

And then I decided to give you free access.




Because I feel like the world needs a little more love,

light, and support right now to help us

remember that you are your biggest support and best friend. 



It's a power talk so please set aside 15 minutes

so you can really absorb this information!   

You will learn:

  • How to activate this non-judgement attitude about yourself

  • the 4 things you can start to do today to activate your self-love

  • Become your own best friend

  • Learn how to have activate your positive inner narrator 

  • See your flaws + actually accept them


Join Sophie Frabotta on this self-love journey +

step into the truth of your being to activate your Self-Love! 

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