Free Guide to Self-Love
Watch our 15 minute power talk on Self-Love.



You will learn the 4 things you can start

to do today to activate your self-love.

I invite you to take a moment...


Think about the inner dialogue you have with yourself

and look at the way you talk to yourself.


Would you ever talk to your best friend or

family member that way?



So what is making you speak to yourself that way?



The subconscious does not know the difference

between the thoughts you have and

what's actually happening in your life?


There is so much power in your thoughts.


This is the inception point of Self Love.



So let's change your thoughts to change your life.

Hi, I am Sophie Frabotta - a Spiritual Coach and Modern Healer, who is passionate about showing you how to do the inner work that will ultimately change your life. 

I do not lay my hands on people and heal, I use my words to direct you inward to lead you to your own inner healer.  

There is a dwelling deep within, where all your answers reside, and I simply am a tour guide that can lead you to this place. 

I gave a 15 minute power-talk to one of my circles

with some really helpful tips on

how you can begin to form a more

loving relationship with yourself.

And then I decided to give you free access.




Because I feel like the world needs a little more love,

light, and support right now to help us

remember that you are your biggest support and best friend. 



It's a power talk so please set aside 15 minutes

so you can really absorb this information!   

You will learn:

  • How to activate this non-judgement attitude about yourself

  • the 4 things you can start to do today to activate your self-love

  • Become your own best friend

  • Learn how to have activate your positive inner narrator 

  • See your flaws + actually accept them


Join Sophie Frabotta on this self-love journey +

step into the truth of your being to activate your Self-Love! 

"Thank you Sophie, for your personal time that you spend responding to me! I think about how young you are and how much you do and have accomplished! It is very grounding to have a teacher that is so reassuring, someone I enjoy emulating and have tremendous respect for."


"This experience has been incredible, beyond description. I feel I don’t even know yet the true depths of the transformation that have taken place. It has put a fire in my heart and soul to honor myself and live out my purpose!"


"Some pretty cool things are happening for me through this course. I am actually beginning to have memories come to mind of amazing times during my childhood. These memories have been clearly blocked by the not so great memories that were one taking over."