• Sophie Frabotta

An Inside View

** Guest Post**

I met Sophie for an interview to be her assistant one day before she was kicking off one of her Spiritual Life Coaching retreats.

I was looking for work, needed money and really yearning to find a job I could put my roots in.

Not fully knowing what I was signing up for I said yes to the job + yes to being an intern at Sophie's retreat that was kicking off the next day.

Since that moment, I have found so much magic and freedom in learning to surrender and just say ‘YES.’

I walked into the retreat, with an open mind and zero expectations of what lied ahead. I came in as intern + walked out a part of the Limitless Cohort. I could not be more grateful for saying yes to that opportunity. During the retreat, Sophie created such a beautiful sacred space that allowed me to Awaken + see that I am not broken, I may have been wounded but I am WHOLE.

Seeing the power, love, + light behind the work that Sophie does, made embodying my position at Awaken feel like the biggest blessing and opportunity.

Being a part of the retreat and going through the training completely impacted + changed my life. So I knew I had just became a part of a beautiful + transformative company.

For so long I felt so broken, that I was a trapped soul inside my body and could not find my way out of suffering the depths of anxiety + depression. I had so much awareness of my wounds but yet was always stuck in this toxic cycle of never being able to break free and release them.

Joining the Spiritual Life Coaching course completely shifted my perspective. I realized how much power I was giving to that voice inside my head. Continuously stepping into doubt, insecurity, anxiety, and guilt.

Sophie + this course gave me the tools, support, wisdom, and healing to no longer be a prisoner in my own body.

This message is completely embodies Awaken’s culture.

Being on Awaken’s team has allowed me to deepen my connection to God, Father Divine, + our universe. It has helped me shed light into some dark places and see that when my connection to God can’t be shaken, neither can my peace.

I am so grateful to work along side Sophie + help her continue to change the lives of those around her. This job allows me to create, remember my purpose, and inspire others to also chase their dreams. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for God’s magical plan for Awaken. I know she is going big places.

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