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Who am I?

by Michael A. Singer

What differentiates a conscious, centered being from a person who is not so conscious is simply the focus of their answers. All consciousness is the same, all awareness is the same, just as the light from the sun is the same. The difference is that when your consciousness is not centered within, it becomes totally focused on the inner and/ or outer objects you happen to be aware of. Consciousness can focus on anything, so when it focus’ on consciousness, you begin to be aware, that you are aware. This is true meditation. Once you get to that place you can become aware of who you really are.

One of the great saints, Ramana Maharshi, used to ask, “Who am I?” We see now that this is a very deep question. Ask it ceaselessly, constantly. Ask it and you will notice that you are the answer. There is no intellectual answer—you are the answer. Be the answer, and everything will change. (Source: The Unthered Soul, Michael A. Singer)

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