Meditations to Awaken
The Meditation Class.png

Right now, we have two global choices: One is fear and the other one is freedom. The choice is yours. If you have begun to feel:

  • fear based,

  • frustrated with your situation,

  • reacting to the small things,

  • eating to comfort yourself,

  • and getting lost in what-if scenarios

...than this class is for you.

There is a different way to be moving through this time and it’s actually within your reach.

In about 30 minutes a day you could begin to:

  • Turn those fears off

  • Calm your mind

  • Turn your reactions into responses

  • Feel more peace inside

  • Stop eating all the snacks

  • And learn how to deeply support yourself


By learning what meditation is and how you can actually begin practicing it today (with just 12 minutes of that free time your have on your hands.)

Learning this ancient, but modernized knowledge and then being guided on how to turn this knowledge into an actual practice is what will transform you.

Our meditations combine the best attributes of 4 major spiritual modalities into one guided meditation.

A process proven over many years to produce profound results for people.

When you learn this technique you will be stepping into a completely new lane, with a new outlook on life and what is happening around you.