Meditate with us!

If we wanted to build the tallest building in the world,

what is the first thing we would do after all the strategic planning?  


We would dig deep into the Earth and create sturdy footing.  


Some may say "you are going the wrong way,

we are supposed to build up!" 


However, in order for the building to stand,

we need to go deep into the Earth to provide the support.  


Meditation is going deep within,

providing you with the support you need to build a great life. 

If you have dreams that you want to manifest,

the best way to help them be true and

lasting "out there," is to go "in here" (your inner world) first!

The Difference Between



Meditations = Eyes Closed

Our guided meditations are an eyes closed practice

that will guide you into peaceful spaces within yourself. 

You will be taught our basic grounding, plugging in, and heart opening practice of style of spiritual meditation. 


Re-Programmings = Eyes Open Option

Our Re-Programmings are tools that you can use

to teach yourself to begin to carry a new vibration. 

You can listen to these in your car, while doing tasks, working out, or anywhere where you would listen to music. 




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