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Corona Support

Do you need a positive dose of Higher Vibrations? 

This page will hold all the free resources we are sharing at this time.

Our goal is to help you to reset your vibration + align with the higher frequencies at this time.  


HEAL: Essential Oil Roller

This oil blend will help strengthen you on an energetic level. Helping you release the victim mentality, reveal false truths, insecurities, and the need to be sick. As you begin working with this blend it will invite in new truth based on light, relinquish self-betrayal, and encourage you to have a positive relationship with your body. As you use this blend consistently it will assist you in entering a healing state where you can let go of toxic energies + negativity. Please apply to the bottom of your feet 2-3 times a day and then put on socks.



A couple wellness tips on food and essential oils you can begin implementing to prepare your cells to be strong and healthy.I have found that when we see it for what it is, the “it” looses power....

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