Spiritual Business Leaders

Check out some of our favorite women, doing awesome things near + far!  


Life + Wealth Strategist

Linda has a comprehensive background in finance, health & life coaching, culinary, and movement and has created the Life Expanded program to help you live expanded. With her 5 key elements, you will be creating and living the life of your dreams. You can complete the whole 'Life Expanded' program or work with the element that speaks to you.


The Moss Boss

Green Wallscapes will bring your brands or space to life with our no-hassle, preserved moss walls and logos for your home or office. Every piece is custom made to fit your office decor.


“Yoga is the journey of the self,

through the self, to the self.”

Chelsea's teaching style is a blend of functional alignment, dynamic movement and inspiration that creates a bridge between the hard work both on the mat and off the mat.  She creates space for each student to do their individual work, while also cultivating a strong sense of community to practice within. Chelsea owns Yoga Path Palm Beach with her aunt, Nancy Gage. Their mission for the studio is to create a community driven space where all can practice and flourish through yoga, offering a wide variety of classes weekly. 


The Crystal Queen

Awaken Crystal Gallery brings you ancient wisdom and powerful energy through the channel of crystals by providing you with positively energized wearable jewelry! All our jewelry is hand-crafted, cleared, charged by the Florida sun, and infused with divine white light! This simply makes it possible for you to have clear access to the vibrations, moods, and life you want to live!


Conscious Ceremonies

In today's day and age, it is becoming more acceptable to create new traditions, and have a wedding ceremony that reflects your personalities, beliefs, and your relationship! We use a spiritual rather than religious tone, and incorporate touches that will make you laugh and cry!  We are delighted to hold the sacred space for conscious love, baby blessings, rememberances, release ceremonies, and clearings. 

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