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Get Connected

 1 Video Conference

Sit down for a reading with Elisha, and allow the connection between your life and the spirit world come into complete awareness. Through her experience with spirit, she can assist you in recognizing the messages that have been showing up in your life to guide you. Join Elisha and merge with the insight and clarity designed to shine a bright light on your life’s purpose.


$120/ session


Clear View

2 months of Intuitive Guidance

Start to unravel life’s turbulence through intuitive awareness and spiritual understanding. Elisha will guide you into recognizing the many ways in which spirit drops symbols into your life to guide you into your life’s purpose. This 2 month coaching experience is designed to create harmony between your mental and emotional well being while exploring the guidance from your spirit guides and loved ones. Through your own healing journey, you will begin to nurture your relationship with the spirit world. 

$800 (or 2 payments of $420)

*All sessions with Elisha are done through a video platform called zoom.  

561-358-6340   |  AwakenwithSophie@gmail.com

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