Circles with Sophie


I hold this healing + transformational space for our Circles. Stepping into our sacred circle, is like stepping into a metaphorical healing hut, where the magic begins to unfold. I cannot explain to you how this happens, all I can tell you is that I am a witness to this and in awe of this energy!


What I can promise you is that during our circle time, you will get to experience healing, maybe in a way that you never have. Join us, your transformation awaits. 

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"Thank you Sophie, for your personal time that you spend responding to me! I think about how young you are and how much you do and have accomplished! It is very grounding to have a teacher that is so reassuring, someone I enjoy emulating and have tremendous respect for."


"This experience has been incredible, beyond description. I feel I don’t even know yet the true depths of the transformation that have taken place. It has put a fire in my heart and soul to honor myself and live out my purpose!"



"Some pretty cool things are happening for me through this course. I am actually beginning to have memories come to mind of amazing times during my childhood. These memories have been clearly blocked by the not so great memories that were one taking over."


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