Spiritual Life Coach


I believe that there is something so special about you,

+ it is my mission to call that out in you through this program!

When I first started out,
I was so afraid to go after my dream.
But I felt this calling to do this spiritual work. 


Do you feel that too? 

If so, I understand the space you are standing in right now. 


And I can tell you that once I took the leap +
learned about the power of manifesting, 

my career blossomed!

I learned how to cultivate true abundance
by understanding my energy + removing my blocks.

{one of the many lessons you will learn in this training}

I started playing with the energy I put out,
+ began to see it


being drawn back to me!

It was like money would just replenish itself.

Self-love was my first thought. 

Clients were lining up!
It was kinda like I cracked my own

Abundance Code!

If you want to learn these kind of lessons, 

you are in the right place!


Standing in this empowered space...

in just 5 months

feeling strong on your two feet,

ignited with your soul purpose +

confident in your ability to create

what you know deep down,

you were meant for! 


Is a transformational experience that will help you finally release that nagging feeling that you aren’t fully living your purpose and help you get clear on what you want to do and who you would love to help!  


With the technical training, practical skills, understanding of modern spirituality theories, + defining your soul's mission, we will turn your spiritual practice into a business that lights you up! Upon graduation of this program, you will be ready to embody your new identity as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach! ​I invite you to join us! Click below to learn all about our program!

561-358-6340   | Info@TheAwakenCo.com 

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